Biodex Balance Training / Fall Prevention Program

Benefits of the Biodex Balance System
The BIODEX Balance System uses tests such as "The Fall Risk Test" and "CTSIB" to identify the likelihood of a fall occurrence. The results from these tests are useful in both understanding and documenting patient progress during the course of treatment.

The BIODEX Balance System also provides useful training tools that address the problems affecting the patient's balance. By providing excellent visual feedback, the patient can better understand the issues causing their unsteadiness. Training is directed by a skilled physical therapist.

Why choose this program for yourself or a family member?
Studies by Medicare and The Center For Disease Control report that 1/3 of adults over the age of 65 will fall each year. Of those, 20% to 30% will suffer moderate to severe injury that will effect the rest of their life.

Our goal is for patients to improve in balance and safety during ambulation, as well as improved stamina, independence in transfers and position changes, and improved safety in ADL. The patient will have increased mobility and confidence, providing them an improved quality of life.

The prevention of a fall may save the patient from a debilitating hospital stay and a possible surgery.

Program Summary


  • Evaluation
  • Lower body strength & flexibility
  • BIODEX Balance Test
  • Berg Test

(Copies of all test results will be sent to your doctors office.)


  • Balance training
  • Strengthening & flexibility exercises
  • Gait training to increase speed, step length, and improve balance
  • Endurance exercises
  • Progressive home exercise program


  • Reinforce the patient's progress.
  • Establish new goals

Our physical therapy staff's goal is to improve the patient's functional ability and reduce their chance of falling.

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